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“Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Phipps at the TFO booth at the Whitetail classic in St Charles Mo. I am a handicap Marine vet who loves to hunt every chance I get. Sam stepped up to help on a hunt at Clarence cannon wildlife refuge that I was drawn for. It was a tough 2 day hunt, especially with the way I was shooting that weekend. Sam did everything to see to it was a fun eventful time which payed off with the end results put 2 nice bodied deer in the Freezer. I fully recommend to any Veterans out there who would like to get out, whether it be hunting or fishing look these guys up they are truly dedicated to helping Veterans enjoy the outdoors. They are strictly non-profit group of hard-working individuals who volunteer their free time to help other service members . My experience was one I will never forget.” – Sam Phipps

My experience with The Fallen Outdoors organization was nothing short of phenomenal. I am a disabled vet with ALS, I have lost most strength in my arms and my walking had become rocket science. I posted on the Fallen outdoors fb page that I was interested in a duck hunt but had limitations that I needed to talk with someone about. Eric Bakken got ahold of me pretty quick and I had told him what my issues were. He was upfront and honest from the start told me that is wouldn’t be an ideal hunt due to the physical aspects of it. Eric had said he was going to talk with some other fallen outdoor staffers and see if he could get something set up for me. And I was couldn’t have been more anxious. Meeting someone for the first time is kind of strange and uneasy even for people who are outgoing. We had roughly a 2.5 hour drive to where we were hunting but seems like it was only minutes, conversation and stories made the trip fly by. By the time we finally made it to the area to launch the boat it felt like I had served with these guys for years. Conversation was easy, jokes were being exchanged back and forth couldn’t have more excited to spend the day with this group of guys. Made it out to the area to hunt, I was dropped off while they set up the decoys. Ducks were everywhere bluebills, and baffle heads mostly but the scene has been set and were all set up waiting for shooting time to come. After a few safety reminders it was time, first shot was out of my single shot 20g and it was a miss. No big deal it’s my first duck hunt ever and these birds are pretty fast. After about half a box of shells and encouragement from the guys, there was a single bluebill Drake coming in from left to right about 15 yds out I put my bead where I thought I should and squeezed the trigger. After seeing feathers and the bird hit the water finally I had shot my first duck. Excitement from the group erupted and high fives and smiles were in full order. A very successful hunt at the end if the day ended up with 17 birds. After many shots and sitting with this amazing group of guys it was like we were all lifelong friends. I still keep in contact with these guys just to stay in touch absolutely a blessing being able to do this hunt!

Fallen outdoors had given me an opportunity that I would not have been able to experience without them.

The Fallen outdoors is a community of selfless vets and active duty men and women who want to help others stay involved with the outdoors and each other. Constantly there are people wanting others to join them fishing from the shore, or others offering their own personal gear, boat, fuel, and time just to take a fellow vet out. For me personally, it is the ultimate guide for America’s brave who enjoy the outdoors. Pro staffers in multiple states that offer different types of hunting and fishing opportunities.” – Josh G.

I spent 6 years in the army and 25 years in law enforcement, as with many I carry the burden of having a lot of darkness come and go in my life. January of 2017, I was at one of the lowest points of my life, everything was rolling like a highlight reel from the worst horror movie. The weight was getting unbearable. I had been a member of TFO and was idle at best to be honest.. one day while visiting the page ,I seen an opportunity for a dove hunt, which was one of the few passions that I had left, so I entered for an opportunity , I was initially drawn but a few days later a former soldier named Michael Osborne, a TFO pro staffer contacted me as he had hunter back out and asked if I wanted it, I jumped at that chance, the hunt was awesome, but little did he know, that day saved my life. I couldn’t see tomorrow back then, but that fellowship with brothers , realizing we all bare the scars of the world, sharing conversation, laughter and just making memories. The fallen outdoors is changing lives. I am “Living” proof! – Ruben G. Fort Leonard Wood , Missouri

Being a father and new to turkey hunting, 2017 youth turkey season was approaching fast. Unable to put my daughter on a turkey the year before, I reached out and send a message through Facebook page requesting insight and information to have a better chance to harvest a Turkey for youth season for my 15-year- old daughter Gianna. One day I received a message from Adam Brumble who is a member of the Fallen Outdoors, giving me some insight and more information. Adam and I sent messages back and forth. That’s when he introduced me to Mike Unruh. Mike Immediately contacted me and we set up a date to take my Daughter Gianna out for the 2017 Youth Turkey season. The day I informed my daughter that we had 2 gentlemen from the Fallen Outdoors takin her for an opportunity to harvest her first Animal Ever, she was super excited. For about 2 weeks or so, Mike and Adam kept giving me updates and information of things that my daughter needed to do, to have a better chance in harvesting her 1 st Animal
ever. I took my daughter to range numerous times. She was becoming extremely accurate shooting her Remington 870 Youth 20 Gauge shotgun.

April 10, 2017, Gianna woke up at 0400 excited and ready to go out and experience the great outdoors. We packed the truck and went meet Mike and Adam. When we finally met Mike and Adam, we were both excited and ready to try and get my daughter her first Animal ever. We followed Mike and Adam to the hunting location that Mike had scouted. We initially set up in an opened area, right before the sun was coming up. Adam made a few calls but birds where not talking. About 45 minutes to an hour into the hunt, Mike and Adam decided that we needed to move and see if we can move around to different location. As we are moving locations Adam is making some call (Adam is a human turkey when it comes to turkey calling) after a few calls we herd some gobblers and immediately set the decoys and took cover. Adam was able to call in a hen about 15 yards from us and the big TOM was slowly coming in. When we finally were able to see and hear the TOM gobble, Gianna was getting more and more nervous. Unfortunately, the tom would not come any closer than 80-100 yards. Eventually the TOM saw us or knew something was up and went away. We moved a few more times, trying to spot and stalk, but same result. Only hens would come to the calling, but no TOM. We herd many TOMS that day, I had told my daughter that Is not about killing and animal that we as Hunters Love. It’s the time that we spend with love ones and great friends in the great outdoors.

At around 1130 or so, after spot and stalking and trying to close the range with a couple of Toms, we almost called it a day because my daughter was getting tired and discourage. Mike decided to give it one more shot and told Adam that we were going to go up a ridge line in his truck. We got in the truck and started to up the ridge line. We stopped a couple of times and Adam made a few calls, no birds were answering to the call. On the third call, we herd what seemed like 10 Toms just going crazy. Mike immediately stopped the truck and we got out and grabbed the shot gun and started the hunt again. We went about 10 yards into the woods and took a seat next to a few old trees. It was Gianna and I, behind us was Mike recording the hunt, and behind Mike was Adam making the calls. As the Turkeys kept getting closer and closer, Mike and Adam are whispering at us telling us to be ready. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity (3-5 Minutes), you could hear the birds gobbling. Gianna started whispering at me telling me she was scare and was shaking. I told her to relax and focus. Finally, after a few minutes Mike was able to see the birds and kept whispering “Shoot! Shoot!” When mike was whispering at us to shoot, Gianna and I could not see the birds. After a few seconds, I saw the head of one of the TOMS, and pointed at it at told My daughter to shoot. She finally squeezed the trigger, immediately after she squeezed the trigger I knew she had thot the bird because it started flapping his wings. After the shot was fired, Adam ran towards the birds like “Bo Jackson” trying to run for a touchdown. After we saw Adam run towards the birds we all got up and followed him. When we got close to the birds, we notice that 2 birds where flapping on the floor. All of us where shocked that my daughter took down 2 birds with one shot. We all where giving each other high fives, hugs. Gianna has the biggest smile and knew that this day will live in her heart forever.

This hunt was an amazing experience for my daughter and I. She finally experienced what it meant to be hunter. None of this would have not been possible if it wasn’t for Mike Unruh and Adam Brumble. Two members of the greatest hunting organization that I know “The Fallen Outdoors” Thank you Mike and Adam for a story of a lifetime. My daughter and I thank you for what you guys do and for that you will forever be family to us. Thank you.

Last Saturday was the first time I have had the pleasure of fishing with Eli. I had a great time learning how to fly fish although aggravating at times it was a very rewarding experience. I enjoyed fishing new rivers with a great guy that knows a lot about fishing and enjoys sharing his knowledge with fellow vets. I look forward to getting out on some water with him in the future. – Jason D.