Pennsylvania boasts more than 2 million acres of public land that is open for hunting at different times of the year. Hunting plays a key role in helping manage our sustainable forests. The largest elk herd in the eastern US and white-tailed deer roam the forest in the Pennsylvania Wilds, as well as black bear, turkey, waterfowl, grouse, pheasant and other small game. There are more than 16,000 waterways with a large supply of native and stocked trout, our lakes, rivers, waterways and streams are also filled with small and largemouth bass, pike, walleye, and some of the most popular panfish species among others. Some of the best anglers in the world travel to our state to fish!

Pennsylvania has about 12 trips and a handful of Sporstman’s shows planned for 2020. We are able to send disabled Vets to Lake Erie with a possibility of more locations coming up soon. 


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