The North Dakota chapter was established in 2016 and we currently have 17 members throughout the state. North Dakota specializes in grouse, pheasant, mule deer hunting. We have fantastic walleye fishing on some really great bodies of water in both open water and during the winter for icefishing. But most of all we are known for the spectacular amount of waterfowl that North Dakota produces throughout the Mississippi flyaway.

In 2019 we hit some very big milestones for our state. We held various fundraising events and our first inaugural banquet which enabled us to take 75 veterans out hunting and fishing across the state. Through the hard work of Team North Dakota we have teamed up with some phenomenal donors to help us with new equipment and provide some incredible trips outdoors for our veterans. Each year we strive to expand our team and build new relationships with other states allowing us to network and expand our trip opportunities, helping this organization grow.  In 2020 we strive to outrun 2019 and make this year our best year yet.

The North Dakota Team would like to extend a special thanks to Carson Wentz for all the help he’s given us since our chapter was initiated. He’s donated to three different fundraising events. Not only is Carson a fantastic football player in the NFL but a huge supporter of our organization.



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