Our team is predominantly in Central Louisiana around Ft Polk, but we have team members throughout the state. We have worked with a lot of landowners and leaseholders who have been extremely generous, allowing us to use 3 different properties throughout the state free of charge, as well as currently have 3 plots on a local lease near Ft Polk. All the properties have ample Hogs, Deer, and Turkey which we take veterans out on at least a weekly basis, some times many times a week during seasons. We have also networked with a lot of locals to find the secret fishing holes, where we have had amazing luck catching full stringers of crappie every trip as well as some trophy Largemouth Bass. 
We are a relatively new team, so we don’t have specific events we host or take part in yet. But we started last September setting up and cosponsoring the Central Louisiana Annual National Hunting and Fishing Day youth event in Forest Hills LA.

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