Illinois is known for great waterfowl hunting and some of the largest Whitetails in the United States. Team Illinois has a great relationship with several Duck/Goose hunting clubs, and we host seven waterfowl hunts a year, to serve 30 plus veterans. We also hosted 10 fishing trips last year, where we chased various species of fish but mostly Crappie and Catfish. On a limited scale, due to how Illinois does hunting tags, we try to host a couple of whitetail hunts, turkey hunts as well as upland birds on private land. Team Illinois is a relatively new team and we are growing more and more each year, so our trips will be increasing every year.


Clayton Yantis

Illinois Team Lead

Clayton Yantis served 13 years in the US Army from 2003-2016. Clay started with The Fallen Outdoors in 2011 while on Recruiting Duty in Central Illinois/Indiana, as he PCS’d from 2011-2016 he was able to establish and or provide guidance for the first TFO Midwest teams to include Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Illinois. He has been the Illinois Team lead since 2020 and has provided opportunities for thousands of Veterans and their families. Clay and his wife Kim have 4 children combined Mathew 17, Hailey 16, Camden 15, Parker 10. His wife is also involved heavily with Veterans, she has been a Veterans Service Officer for 15+ years and is currently the Central Division Supervisor for Illinois. .

“TFO started out for me as a way to find friends at new duty stations and find those hunting locations that you just don’t know about when you PCS. I took some time off from TFO when I was medically retired- I realized that in the state I was in- I wasn’t able to help anyone- not even myself. Team Illinois has been a life saver- but not just for myself. I have seen the changes that Veterans experience from the time they enter a blind to the end of the hunt. I have received thank you cards and letters. Our focus is on the outdoors- but when we as an organization take the time to incorporate friendship, VA services, and just an all around community based support structure- that is what sets us apart. That is why our veterans come to us at shows and remember the trip they went on- or see us at the fair and introduce their families. It’s not just about making an impact on a veteran- its about that impact helping the family too.” – Clayton Yantis

Andrew Shanahorn

Illinois Assistant Team Lead

Andrew Shanahorn (Horn) is an Active-Duty Air Force member who enlisted in 2005 at the age of 26, working in the Air Transportation Career Field as an Aerial Porter. Andrew currently resides near Mascoutah, Illinois with his loving wife Ashley of 11 years, and together they have 2 beautiful daughters Emma 6, and Ella 2, and are awaiting the arrival of their son Andrew in September of this year. Andrew is looking forward to his upcoming retirement from 20 years of active-duty service in May of 2025. Horn has been hunting for 36 years and his passion has grown tremendously to include deer, waterfowl, upland, and predators. He gives 100% to everything he touches in the outdoors.

“TFO means the world to me because it helped me through a dark point in my life. Being able to meet other current/former military men and women through the trips that we provide is a feeling that I can’t describe. I enjoy being in the outdoors, but more importantly, I enjoy spending time with those individuals who have been places that I haven’t, done things that I haven’t, and vice versa. Knowing that being able to get 1 person back out in the outdoors through any activity might just save a life is the driving force behind the passion that I have for TFO. Seeing and hearing the effects of what we do as an organization, and how it helps the veterans of this state and country is the driving force to continue working towards helping combat the suicide rate that plagues so many veterans”. – Andrew Shanahorn

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